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Mold industry should be how to deal with the "Internet +" wave

Source: AdminPopularity:461Time: 2016-06-23SML

Mold manufacturing is an important part of modern manufacturing technology, as well as industrial production and daily life products important process equipment. Objective To die is to ensure product quality, increase productivity, and reduce production costs. In "Made in China" tide, innovation and development is the only way to mold manufacturing. Modern mold manufacturing technology is moving to speed up the information-driven, increase manufacturing flexibility, agile manufacturing and systematic integration direction. In today under the "Internet +" wave, driven by China's mold manufacturing industry ushered in the rapid development of the transformation and upgrading.

With the growing competition in the industry, merger integration and capital operation of large-scale mold manufacturing enterprises have become more frequent, more and more companies feel the need to mold the transformation and upgrading. In the past, marketing mold mainly rely on offline mode. Traditional marketing is affected by many factors, geographical and prices opaque, with its slow pace of development, it poses a real problem. The introduction of online marketing, which is an important step in attempts to mold manufacturing transformation and upgrading, which can reduce operating costs, increase communication among producers over consumers, industrial manufacturing industries advancing 4.0 of a dedicated force. If out of the "Internet +", then promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing mold is empty talk.

Today, the Internet has been successfully entered all walks of life, economic development provides a strong support. Internet economy has become the main form of economic society, large machinery and equipment, small daily necessities, have been integrated into the e-commerce platform, corporate marketing positions transferred from the line to the next line, followed by people's consumption habits are changed, the entire social and economic operators has been completely subverted. As a traditional industry, mold industry, but also by the age of the Internet a great impact. In the process of mold enterprise business transformation to the Internet, more and more companies are onto the Internet platform, the overall situation of China's mold industry in the platform panoramic view.

Overall, China's mold industry in recent years, the development of faster, mold manufacturing level has increased, many of them large, sophisticated, complex, long-life die in the field to do very good business, China's mold industry has broad prospects, It is also a great space for development. With the advent of the global economy, China's mold manufacturing industry to the inevitable involvement into the world economic system, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the mold manufacturing industry, not only is the inevitable trend of development of the industry, but also to maintain its leading position in the future global competition the main way.

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