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Precision injection molding to meet production targets which two injection

Source: AdminPopularity:321Time: 2016-06-23SML

Precision injection molding of high level representatives of the injection molding industry, especially now that the ultra-precision injection molding is the injection products precision onto a high level. So we ordinary injection plants which require two injection molding production targets to meet it?
First: precision injection molding machines, injection molding machine as the fundamental production of injection molded parts, do not have a high-precision injection molding equipment, it is not out of the production of precision injection molded parts. Now on the market are generally repeated error ordinary injection molding machine at about 1%, while precision injection molding machine error is generally less than 0.5%, less than 0.3%, compared with super-precision injection molding machine, some of the more developed the international injection molding machine manufacturer It may have produced an error less than 0.15% of the injection molding machine. So our precision injection molding machine also need to continue to develop and improve ourselves.
Second: error injection mold, although the quality of the final injection molding products and technical experience related to workers, but the precision injection mold is an important factor in determining the impact of injection of product quality. However, high-precision molds also require high-precision production equipment, such as: CNC lathes, milling machines, grinders and so on!
Based on the above factors, in order to produce precision injection molded parts is the need to use a lot of precision machinery, precision machinery only plus superb technical workers so it can produce high-precision injection molding products. Especially with the improving performance of the plastic itself, so the performance of plastics to meet many industrial applications, but the production conditions of these plastics are also more demanding, precision injection molding processing requirements is relatively high, in our country in order to future high-precision injection molding processing above at the forefront of the world, then it must be the basis of high-precision machinery developed.