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Focus on the development direction of China's mold business concern

Source: AdminPopularity:336Time: 2016-06-23SML

With the transformation and upgrading of China's mold enterprises in recent years, many companies are able to mold independent research and production of high-grade mold, but with respect to the national mold companies such a large base, the share occupied this part of the business is very small. China mold enterprise mainly to middle and low mold market, the products of rough, short life, not fine, low profits these issues. If these companies can not quickly upgrade and improve manufacturing processes, it is bound will be eliminated, so companies in the development of these molds, need to focus on what is the problem?

For example, a mold companies choose only the lights die, we should die as his lamp market segment, business development direction is to the lights die technically constant pursuit of progress, we continue to study the market in such a mold technical characteristics, and gradually accumulated. These include the accumulation of technical standards, design standards and processing standards, through continuous accumulation of enterprises so that enterprises finally have a place in this market segment in the lamp module.

When companies choose to do fine and stronger in certain market segments, the most important is to have the backing of outstanding technical talents, including technical backbone of this part of the stable human resources. Foreign high-end mold is the case enterprise, these enterprises, while small, but the profits are high, the brain drain is small, this type of enterprise, to "win the hearts" formed to build and progress in technology is the key.

Most small businesses are workshop-style, family-owned business, personnel is very complex, the division of labor is not clear, incentive measures are not strict, resulting in insufficient cohesion of employees. In the management of the enterprise should be tight with the pace of the times, the use of modern information management technology to manage the enterprise from all aspects, thus saving manpower, improve efficiency, so that business problems can be the fastest solution.