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Next five years, demand remains high trend mold

Source: AdminPopularity:317Time: 2016-06-23SML

With the development of the manufacturing sector in recent years, China's mold industry and it lies in the manufacturing sector have achieved good results. According to industry surveys show that domestic mold industry, accounting for up to 30% of plastic molds, consultative pilot is expected within the next five years, the market mold plastic mold growth in the proportion of the total die to keep rising, and the market share is other molds are not urgent.

mports from the mold data, import mold precision, large-scale, complex, long-life mold the majority, so the state support for domestic mold, reduce imports, increase local point of view, such a demand in the market of high-grade mold space very huge. The rapid development of the construction industry, so that the various profile extrusion mold, PVC plastic pipe fitting mold become a new economic growth point of the mold market, the rapid development of highways, car tires also put forward higher requirements, therefore radial tire rubber molds , especially the active mode of development also will be higher than the overall average; plastic and wood, plastic and metal plastic mold huge demand in the automotive, motorcycle industry; household appliances industry in the "five" period will greater development, particularly large plastic demand refrigerators, air conditioners and microwave ovens in the spare parts.

It is understood that in recent years, the rapid development of China's plastic mold. Currently, the entire mold plastic mold industry in the proportion of about 30%, the proportion of exports and imports in the mold up to 50 to 70%. With the Chinese machinery, automobiles, home appliances, electronic information, and building materials and other pillar industries rapid development, this proportion will continue to increase.