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China's mold industry to improve and perfect the right track

Source: AdminPopularity:292Time: 2016-06-23SML

For the development of the industry is the most important for the market, in order to better develop the market most directly reflects the industry trend is good or bad. Now, with the improvement of all aspects of the Perfection of China's mold industry has been on the right track, and going to the higher direction, recently, experts from the Department learned that the current difficulties facing the mold mainly in the following aspects. First, the international economy is still in the doldrums, the domestic manufacturing industry, which generates oversupply status quo is not conducive to market development. Because the overall needs of countries, the demand for the current mold industry did not produce so much.

Second, with the increasing cost of labor and material prices soaring personnel, the production cost of the mold also rise. At the same time, in line with a heavier tax is that the mold industry market development unpleasant reasons. Then, unhealthy competition among enterprises is growing year by year, because competition makes the quality of the mold number decreased, in addition, the quality of the model compared to the more conventional, more models can only be regarded as the quality of production is too low, because the above reasons, the loss of business is also increasing year by year. Finally, the model designer mold market demand is very high, but appeared on the market a high level of talent is very scarce.

Although the current market situation is not optimistic, but there is still a turnaround. The global financial crisis since the beginning until now, according to the Global mold industry key enterprises is higher than the general business of the live view, China mold Association revised its assessment rules. Improve the evaluation criteria. Meanwhile China Association also issued 133 die mold industry in a relatively high position in order to attract corporate mid-level enterprises to follow.

In addition to the above status, if you want to get the most development in the mold industry that produce products must meet the following three points: do specifically, do fine, and stronger, it's not just for the mold industry enterprises, the same applies to the highest aim of a variety of industries in the production of its products to be followed