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Technology is the key to enhance the development of China's mold industry

Source: AdminPopularity:314Time: 2016-06-23SML

Technology is the key to enhance the development of the industry, for our late start in the mold industry, even more so. Innovation, autonomy, etc., are the most important to improve the future development of China's mold industry. In recent years, the continuous improvement of productivity and production requirements, therefore, mold manufacturing also put forward higher requirements. Domestic mold manufacturing based on existing technology should speed up research and development to meet market demand.

China's cheap labor cost advantage and the overall economy good momentum of sustained and rapid development, China's mold industry has brought to the bright prospects for development, is expected to 2018, China became the world's largest mold manufacturing base.

In the mold industry for many years progress, promote China emerged a large number of leading companies, such as automotive panel die there, "four people", the mold industry has more than 100 enterprises have been awarded the "China Die & Mould Industry" title; in the industrial layout China's mold industry is moving from the more developed Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region to the mainland and the northern extension, there are some new mold production more concentrated areas. More importantly, China's mold industry is not only big, but also more and more rich grade, large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life mold as the proportion of high-level representatives of the mold has reached more than 35%.

However, the overall level of mold industry is still lagging behind the international advanced level, the mold output still can not meet the market demand mold, mold on the domestic market to meet the rate of less than 80%, especially in high-tech mold in high-end mold, to meet the rate of less than 60%.

Therefore, China's mold industry to develop advanced science and technology, widening the scope of technology, timely advanced mold technology into productive forces to meet the growing demand of China's mold market, and promote China's rapid economic development and growth.