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Mold injection molding plant is reflected in the strength of an important part of

Source: AdminPopularity:466Time: 2016-06-23SML

May we all know that color mold injection processing, equipment requirements are very important, but it is mainly reflected in where you know what? Yu Zhuo below Xiaobian to explain one by one:

1, mold processing fine processing equipment to make complex, efficiency is more interesting. High-speed milling has high processability hard steel, smooth processing, cutting force is small, small deformation of the workpiece heating and many other advantages make the two-color injection mold enterprises increasing emphasis on high-speed machining.

2, high productivity molding parts of large and growing part of the requirements of a multi-cavity mold, mold resulted in increasingly large-scale, large-scale mold large tonnage up to 100 tons, a few hundred die cavity, the cavity of thousands, requires two-color injection mold processing equipment, large table, increase the Y-axis Z-axis travel, load-bearing, high rigidity, high consistency.

3, high dynamic precision. Static performance machine tool manufacturers introduced (such as repetitive positioning accuracy, linear feed rate) at the three-dimensional mold surface machining, does not reflect the actual processing conditions. Color mold injection precision machining three-dimensional surface, but it raised high dynamic performance requirements of precision, high speed and precision even at high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability and high quality of the machine control system fitted before possible.

4, mold die steel with high hardness, the requirements of mold processing equipment has thermal stability, high reliability.

5, a variety of measurement techniques of composite applications, high-speed measurement and reverse engineering for promoting color mold design and participate in product development, technology development direction.

6, to improve the high-tech industries and the creation of any necessary and must be done, because we can only improve the technology of their own good piece of land in the inner areas of the industry, while China's mold industry is moving in this direction.

The rapid development of mold industry, led to the rapid development of industrial production efficiency and industrial technology, relatively speaking, China's high-tech is still a bit behind, but in the scientific and technical personnel continued efforts and innovation have been forward in the world has been slowly color mold injection processing areas occupy a place.