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Mold on the material performance requirements

Source: AdminPopularity:413Time: 2016-06-23SML

For mold manufacturing requirements for material properties, as follows:

1, the annealing process of
Ball annealing temperature range, low annealing hardness and small fluctuation range, the ball higher.

2, malleability
Forging deformation resistance has a lower, plastic, forging a wide temperature range, forging crack cold cracking and network carbide precipitation tends to be low.

3, oxidation, decarbonization sensitivity
Antioxidant pregnant when heated to high temperatures can be good, decarbonization slow heating medium is not sensitive to pitting tendency of small.

 4, machinability
 Cutting the amount of large, low tool wear, low surface roughness.

5, hardenability
After quenching with a uniform and high surface hardness.

6, hardenability
After quenching can get deeper hardened layer, using mild quenching medium can be hardened.

7, can be grinding
 Wheel loss is relatively small, no burn limits grinding capacity, the quality of the grinding wheel and cooling conditions are not sensitive, less prone to injuries mill grinding cracks.

8, quenching distortion cracking tendency
Conventional quenching a small volume change, shape warping, slight distortion, abnormal deformation tends to be low. Conventional quenching cracking sensitivity is low, and the shape of the workpiece quenching temperature insensitive.