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Four Trends in auto mold manufacturing technology research and development

Source: AdminPopularity:406Time: 2016-06-23SML

As the market demand for high-end car mold growing, traditional car mold research and development, long design cycle, high cost, low efficiency has been unable to meet market needs. Here hui days to count five car mold research and development technology trends to you!

Trend: Digital Die Technology
Mold in the digital technology, design considerations and analysis of auto mold manufacturability, ensure post-processing technology. By die-face design of intelligent assistive technologies. Assisted by CAE analysis process; to predict defects that may occur in the manufacturing process and forming problems. The commission proposed a workaround and solutions. Technical guidance in the digital processing solutions automobile molds and stamping production appeared in tryout process problems.

Trends: CAE Technology
CAE refers to simulation technology stamping process, is the high-end automotive stamping die processing and design and manufacture of important aspects, the ability to predict the die stamping defects, and thus to optimize the car die stamping process and die structure, improve the car mold design and reliable resistance, reduced the tryout time.

Trend three: mold automation applications
Processing automation can increase productivity automobile mold, at the same time, product quality automotive die can be better guaranteed, multi-source with multiple tables in a mold factory CNC machine tools, automatic tool changer (ATC), automatic processing photoelectric control systems and other advanced automated processing equipment.

Trend four: High-strength steels
High-strength steel for better performance in the automotive stamping dies, which in itself yield ratio strain hardening, strain distribution capability, the ability to have better crash performance.