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Precision plastic mold process flow arrangement

Source: AdminPopularity:341Time: 2016-06-23SML

Die processing means and billet molding tool, in addition to including the shear modulus and die mold. Typically, the mold consists of upper and lower molds in two parts. The plate is placed between the upper and lower molds, molding materials to achieve the role of the press, when the press is opened, it will be obtained from the mold shape determined by the workpiece or removing the corresponding waste.

Hui-day medical devices [Shenzhen] Co., Ltd. provides you an overview of the process of precision plastic mold processing arrangements:
1, the bottom surface of the processing, processing assurance
2, rough castings reference alignment, 2D, 3D-surface margin check
3,2D, 3D-surface roughing, install non-working non-planar processing (including security platform surface, bumper mounting surface, plate plane, side plane)
4, semi-finished front side of the plane to ensure alignment accuracy
5, semi-finishing 2D, 3D-surface, finishing all kinds of installation surface (including the stopper mounting surface and the contact surface, insert the mounting surface and backrest surface, punch mounting surface, the mounting surface and scrap knife against the back spring mounting surface and the contact surface, all kinds of travel restrictions face, wedge against the mounting surface and the back), all kinds of semi-finished guide surface, the guide hole, left margin finishing process reference hole and the height of the reference plane, and records data
6, precision test review
7, fitter inserts for step
8, before finishing, plane alignment process reference hole, insert the balance check
9, finishing profiles 2D, 3D, surface and side punches holes, finishing process reference hole and the height of the base, finishing the guide surface and the guide hole
10, precision test review