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Mold industry's position in the processing industry

Source: AdminPopularity:366Time: 2016-06-23SML

Mold the word that everyone is familiar, do not say at home in the kitchen with baking a variety of flowers die, I said to frequently used phone protective shell casing and the production of these products are required to use the mold. Then die in the end is what? What position in the mold industry processing industry as well?

Mold is made of plastic, rubber, metal powder, glass, fiberglass and other materials processing through processing equipment based technology and equipment, belonging to the production process of intermediate products used in the final production. Mold is an important way of molding material, compared with machining with fewer steps, high material utilization, low energy consumption, easy production and efficiency advantages, and thus in energy, machinery, automobiles, light industry, electronics, various production chemical, metallurgy, electronics and daily life has been widely used.

Mold affecting the quality of products. First, the mold cavity shape, size, surface finish, parting line, gate and into the exhaust slot position and release methods on the part of the physical properties of dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy and parts, mechanical properties, electrical performance, stress magnitude, isotropic, appearance quality, surface finish, bubbles, dent, scorch, crazing and others have a very important impact.

Secondly, in the process, the mold structure a great influence on the extent of the operation difficult. When mass production of plastic products should be minimized mold clamping process and take parts in the process of manual labor, to this end, often with automatic opening and closing automatic ejection mechanism, but also to ensure at the time of automatic production products can fall off from the mold.

In addition to the cost of the mold products also have an impact. When small quantities, mold overhead costs on the part of a large proportion will be, then it should be possible to adopt a reasonable and simple structure of the mold, to reduce costs.

In recent years, domestic enterprises continuous improvement mold technology and products, therefore, some of the plastic mold injection molded parts or start in the international flow of success among some high-end industrial supply chain system, but also replace some of the imported products, get rid of them dependence. But it is undeniable that among the international high-end market of only a few parts. With the improvement of China's mold industry technology level, product level gradually increased, and now hosts a number of international trade supply chain system further tilt to domestic enterprises, which will be an opportunity and a challenge. It is understood that, by 2015, the required rate of self-supporting mold market will reach more than 85%, of which high-end mold will significantly enhance the rate of self-supporting.

With the rapid development of the plastics industry and general engineering and the continuous improvement in the strength and accuracy, etc., in recent years the scope of application of plastic products are expanding, such as: household appliances, instruments, construction equipment, automotive, Japan with hardware and other fields, the proportion of positive plastic products increased rapidly. A well-designed plastic parts can often replace the more conventional metal parts. Plastic household products and industrial products trend continues to rise.