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Cooling time of injection molding

Source: AdminPopularity:324Time: 2016-06-23SML

As we all know, when injection molding a fairly complex process, during which involve knowledge to physics, chemistry and other disciplines, so we during the injection molding process, be sure to pay attention to control the variables, in order to more precisely control the injection molding effect.
In injection molding, and how to determine the cooling time, not only to the quality of products, but also affect the cost of production and products. From the plastic melt into the mold cavity of the necessary heat transfer to the melt to a solid, in order to remove without deformation is considered the starting point from the mold. Therefore, to correctly estimate the cooling time has become a major injection molding process parameters should be determined first.
So, what is the cooling time of injection molding of it? That is, the cooling time the cavity is filled with molten material begins to cool until the desired parts can be removed from the mold to ask, generally have the following three definitions.

1, the temperature of the molded article at the center of the thickest part of the cooling time of the polymer to the desired heat distortion temperature.

2, the average temperature on the small section of the molded article is cooled to a desired time required for a given temperature.
3, the thickest part of the crystalline product is cooled to the temperature of the center of the time required for the melting point, crystallinity, or time required to reach a specified value.