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Sky Wise Mold Limited

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  • 01 18 years-old brand with mature crafts.

    1. The company founded in 1998's expert in injection molding for many years as the earliest investment projects.

    2. Crafts have been improved.Mold with the same cavities, we can make it smaller, more accurate, and the machines become smaller, smarter,and easier to control as well.

    18 old brand, mold development process is mature
  • The mold development team, professional industry topped

    02Industry's most professional engineers.

    1. We have more than 60 molding professioners and merchandisers, makes the deal controlled.

    2. The efficiency has been substantially improved with advanced mold designing, analysing and processing softwares.

  • 03Design and inject mold in one system.

    1. Have more than 10000 square meters factory, with nearly 20 mold processing machines and 40 plastic injection machines.

    2. Design and inject mold in one system, makes common standard production.

    Since the research production, injection mold process of a dragon
  • Focus on high-end precision injection molding industry, industrial upgrading

    04Turns to high precision products.

    1. Started to manufact photographic products from 2007,and medical products from 2010, which has obtain the relevant patents and sales rights.

    2. 100,000 degree clean injection molding workshop, to ensure the product passed the ISO9001:2008 certification.

  • 05Supplier of the international enterprise.

    1. Our products have been widely used in plastic / electronic / electrical / automotive / medical / Photography / Home Furnishing etc fields.

    2. And cooperated with famous company such as Mingbo, BYD, Aoto, Sanyo, Fuji Xerox, Nanbu Plastic, Wanyou auto filter and so on.

    Recognized by the market, the 500 strong enterprise long-term suppliers
High quality production and high requirements of the standard high standard test of the wisdom of the day is committed to the development of mold and injection molding application to the extreme

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  • Long-term partner, and trust services

    Long-term partner, and trust services

    We worked day and coma many times, each time very pleasant cooperation, product quality assurance hui days, fast deliver...

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  • Die-hui days delivery faster than the average factory

    Die-hui days delivery faster than the average factory

    Market find a lot of tooling suppliers are not very good, fast delivery of quality is often poor rework, good quality an...

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  • Hui-day details of the control well is our most valued

    Hui-day details of the control well is our most valued

    We are doing the service sector, is now serving an increasingly competitive industry, so we have the details of the prod...

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  • Mold design this one very satisfied

    Mold design this one very satisfied

    Hui days before and cooperation, we also worked with other plants, the company spent a lot of time and manpower costs, s...

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Sky Wise Medical Instrument

Sky Wise Mold Limited


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Sky Wise Medical Instrument (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Sky Wise found in 1997, was located in Shenzhen city, southern of China. With the rapid development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, it grown up to be Group company with two factories from a small company, Sky Wise Mold co.ltd and Sky Wise Medical co. Ltd. Sky Wise is devoting to tooling manufacturing & injection molding as well as assembly, silk- screen. oil spray, paint. packing......
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